Steps in the process leading to the defense of your thesis

On this page, PhD-candidates can find all the necessary information about different aspects and stages of your PhD-research, culminating in the public defense of your dissertation.

Rules and Procedures

Dissertation issued in the Meijers series

The Meijers Research Institute and Graduate School (MI) has its own book series, in which not only dissertations, but also books as the result of conferences and symposia are being published.


It is up to the author or editor to choose a publisher. For editing (formatting a publication) and lay-outing, the MI has made arrangements with several specialized companies.

In the process of creating the lay-out of your dissertation, it is recommended to count back from the date the book is supposed to appear instead of counting forwards to this moment, particularly for those candidates for whom the date of the graduation has already been determined.

Information concerning the procedure and the time schedule can be found in the Instructions for authors publishing in the Meijers series

Concerning the size of the dissertation, there is a limit of 100.000 words (including footnotes but without the preliminary matters). This limit (in principle) is not to be exceeded. Upon the written request of the supervisor, the dean, on behalf of the Board of Doctorates, may give permission for exceeding the limit of 100.000 words.

Financial arrangements

  • If the dissertation will be published within the Meijers series, the Meijers Research Institute and Graduate School pays the layout to an amount of € 2500,00.

  • In addition to the lay-out fee all PhD-kandidates are eligible for a fee of €1.150,-for the printing costs of the dissertation.
    - Salaried PhD-candidates can obtain this fee through self-service.
    - External PhD-candidates can obtain this fee by filling out a declaration form. Send this form together with the original invoice to the head of the PhD studies, who then has to give his approval.

  • After obtaining a PhD, the dissertation will be incorporated (mandatory) into the online Leiden Repository. More information about the rules and regulations can be found on the website of the library.

  • The candidate will receive a compensation of € 500, to be paid by the University library after receiving four printed copies of the thesis, a digital copy of the thesis and the signed license for non-exclusive publication of the thesis in digital form. More information.


For questions about obtaining a PhD, please contact the following people and agencies:

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