Talent Programme: Academic Training for Master’s Students

The Talent Programme is a special research training programme covering 30 ECTS which is offered to a select group of around 15 outstanding students on top of their Master’s degree.

The Talent Programme together with the PhD Training Programme constitute the research training courses that are offered by the Meijers Institute, Research Institute and Graduate School. The Talent Programme is composed of a challenging mix of in-depth theoretical courses where a specific legal issue is examined using various research methods.

In addition to these courses, a (short-term or long-term) period of study at a top university abroad is part of the programme. Participants conclude the programme by drawing up an individual PhD research proposal or writing an article for publication, under the supervision of one of the Leiden Law School PhD Fellows.

Participants 2016-2017

Participants 2016-2017

A head start thanks to the Talent Programme

The purpose of the Talent Programme is to allow students who are interested in carrying out  research to become acquainted with academic research in a systematic manner whilst studying for a Master’s degree. Participants on the Talent Programme will benefit from a head start with applications for research positions compared to other law school  graduates. Not only will they have learned how to structure and perform academic research, they will also have demonstrated that they are capable of performing at a top level while completing a challenging Master’s degree programme.

ore Information

More information about the Talent Programme can be found on our website.

Last Modified: 26-09-2016