Legal Research: Elements (5 ec)

This course is designed to facilitate the framing of a research proposal that might serve as starting point for a PhD-thesis.

Course Description

The course ‘Legal Research: Elements’ lies at the heart of the Talent Programme. It will provide students the opportunity to design a research project. The course consists of three parts.

In the first part (7 meetings, Nov-Dec) students learn to connect subject matter, research questions and research objectives on the one hand and the research methods on the other. It addresses topics such as the choice and handling of source material, the analysis and interpretation of data, the position of the research in the context of the research programme and/or other relevant research, and the validity and significance of the research.

Under supervision of one of a research fellows of the Law School, they will write an extensive Literature Review (5000 words) on their research topic (January-March).

In the third part of the course (April) the focus is on dissertation proposal structures, and on writing the dissertation proposal components, including global introduction and background sections, as well as methods and abstracts. In addition, issues related to the oral portion of the proposal will be addressed.

Upon completion of this course, students will have drafted a research plan.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to do the assigned reading and to attend all the class sessions. Prior to each class session each student should submit a paper of approximately 500 words to the course email list. Students have to develop a relevant and challenging research question and design a feasible research plan during the course, as well as to account for the meta-theoretical aspects of the proposed research and the intended research methods.

Last Modified: 01-08-2016