Procedures and forms

Below an overview of procedures and forms relating to the research, to support the staff of the Leiden Law School.

Theme Forms
Research Fellowship Research protocol
  Procedure Meijers round 2015
Fellow applicationform (extention of current fellowship)
Fellow applicationform (new employee)
Fellow applicationform (after doctorate)
Visiting fellows Procedure and invitationletter
Useful addressess:
International Servicedesk (visa procedure)
  Short stay housing
Housing Office (student housing)
Suggesties private sector (private housing)
PhD-fellow/PhD-candidates Training- and supervisionplan (PhD-fellows)
Training- and supervisionplan (PhD-candidates)
Rules and policies for PhD Candidates, Rules and policies for PhD-fellows 
Leiden University PhD regulations
PhD dissertations consisting of articles
External PhD candidates Online registratieformulier
Supervision plan
  Rules and policies for contract phd candidates
  Training and supervisionplan for contract phd candidates
Research and defense of thesis
Information for PhD-candidates Overview leading to the public defense
Academic Integrity
Subscription of the defense of your dissertation to the Beadle
Application for a ‘license fee’
Information for external PhD Declaration form printing costs
Information for the supervisor Appendix 3 (Approval of manuscript by PhD supervisor)
Appendix 5a (Appointment PhD committee)
Appendix 5c (Approval of manuscript by all members of the PhD committee)
Appendix 8a (Appointment Opposition Committee)
Appendix 9 (‘With distinction’ regulation)
Meijers PhD positions Applicationform position 1
Applicationform position 2
Internal procedure
Scientific internship Internship agreement Meijers Research Institute
Publish in the Meijers-series
Instructions for authors
Overview publishers and printers
Information AUP
Registration of research
Short manual LUCRIS
Handleiding Leiden Law Blog
Short manual SSRN
Support (Funding)
LUF (appendix 2) (Dutch)
Support (Events)
Checklist (Dutch)
Concept budget
Format badges (Dutch)
Format table name tages (Dutch)
Format signage (Dutch)

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