The Graduate School can not any longer assist staff members in getting external research funding.

Assistance can be found with: for national funding (NWO) of research, Anke Klerkx; for European funding For smaller subisidies, try the LUF organisation.

It is becoming increasingly important to apply for external funding, such as subsidies, prizes, commissions, etc., to supplement University budgets.  Unfortunately, the demand considerably exceeds the supply, but this does not mean that an application, particularly if it relates to a good idea, which has withstood a sound test of its content and which is supported by a precise (formal) implementation plan, should not have a good chance of success.  

A good proposal starts with a good idea.  A good idea can be summarized in one sentence in which its attraction, its current relevance and its significance are clearly indicated.  The following criteria normally apply:  strong research idea (innovative, with suitable methodology, academically and socially important, feasible) and a strong candidate (as demonstrated by his or her cv).

You will find below links to the web pages of the various institutions, where possible with a direct link to the subsidy programmes.


This site includes further information relating to the following subsidies:
- Academy Colloquia
- Congress subsidy fund
- China Exchange Programme
- Hendrik Casimir-Karl Ziegler Research Stipend
- Academy  Professors’ Programme (PAH)
- Scientific Research Cooperation with Indonesia
- Translation fund for academic articles


This site contains further information about the following subsidies:

- Mosaic
Open Competition 
- Rubicon 
- SmartMIX
- Innovational Research Incentives Scheme: Veni, Vidi, Vici

European subsidies

- Seventh framework programme
- Jean Monnet programme


- Subsidies Committee for Academic Expenditure (congress participation; congress organisation; study trips; Graduate Master Class)
- Cooperation between LUF and Gratama Foundation
- Justus Lipsius visiting professor programme
- LUF pilot subsidy

Meijers Research Institute and Graduate School of the Leiden Law School

2 Meijers PhD-positions (f/m), (38 hours weekly)


Leiden University regulation on subsidies for academic meetings (see pdf)

Europortal for Mobility

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