Academic Traineeship

Would you like to find out more about academic research?

Students with academic ambitions can be considered for an academic traineeship. In this way, good students can find out more about the world of academic research. If you are considering writing a doctoral thesis or taking part in the Talentprogramme, this kind of traineeship can be very useful.

What are the options?

You could for example consider writing a thesis within one of our research themes, with a view to publishing in an academic journal. Or you could adapt a thesis you had already written with the aim of having it published. It is also possible to carry out research together with a member of our academic staff, in the run up to a conference for example. This research could then perhaps lead to a joint publication.

For whom

We have places for 3 to 4 students each year. You cannot do a traineeship at the same time elsewhere within the faculty, for example at one of the departments.


Traineeships are available for at least 1 day a week, for two to six months.


A traineeship could (for example) help you become an author or co-author of an article or could lead to developing a research proposal for a future PhD position.

Traineeship Agreement

The traineeship agreement clearly indicates what is expected of the trainee, and how the trainee will actually benefit from the traineeship. For that purpose, the trainee enters into an agreement with the Graduate School and the supervisor.

More information

If you require more information please contact Mrs. Mirjam Sombroek-Van Doorm, 071-527 5200.

Last Modified: 30-06-2015