LL.M. programmes

Studying Law in Leiden means studying at one of the world’s leading law schools that provides aspiring law students with the opportunity to choose from and excel in a broad range of law disciplines. Apart from its high academic rankings our school is also rated highly for its superb teaching and library facilities.

Regular Master's programmes (LL.M.)

Advanced Studies Programmes (LL.M.)


What's the difference between Regular and Advanced Programmes?

  • Regular: The regular programmes are the final part of the standard Dutch law curriculum and form a required programme for Dutch students wishing to gain the right to enter legal practice in the Netherlands. The regular programmes the Leiden Law School offers are also accessible for international students (and attract many!), and are aimed at those participating directly after completing a bachelor’s programme in Law.   
  • Advanced: In terms of level of study, the Advanced Studies programmes are substantially more in-depth and demanding. In just one academic year they offer a thorough and focused education on a specific area of legal expertise. The Advanced Studies programmes are specifically designed for excellent students with legal experience and for qualified lawyers who wish to enhance their career prospects. Classes are small and the programmes cater exclusively for a group of students who benefit from close contact with their professors and with expert practitioners from the relevant legal field. There are very few universities that offer LL.M. programmes at this level. Advanced Studies students benefit from teaching based on the Socratic method, as well as both a practical and theoretical approach to the subject area. The Advanced Studies programmes are not in the first place research programmes. Whilst they are an excellent vehicle for the further development of research skills and as such also offer entry into PhD research, the programmes are first and foremost professional in their orientation.

Pre-Sessional English Course for Law students

Applicants who apply for the English-language LL.M. programmes or the LL.M. Advanced Studies programmes may benefit from attending the pre-sessional English classes offered by Leiden Law School and the Leiden Language Centre. Students who do not meet the required language level for the LL.M. programme (minimum score required: IELTS 7.0 or internet based Toefl 100) may be offered the opportunity to bring their English up to the required entry level by attending a 4-week English course. The course is especially designed to fast track applicants who have IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent Toefl) to the required English level. For more information please visit: Pre-Sessional English Course for Law Students

LL.M. Entry requirements, how to apply and other practical information

For more information on our entry requirements, application procedure, deadlines, housing, scholarships etc, please visit: Practical Information: things to arrange

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