Marike Knoef

Contact and topics

Address: Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES  Leiden, room B203
Phone: +31 (0)71 527 4856

Research interests:

  • Social security

  • Aging

  • Labor economics

  • Income distribution

  • Micro-econometrics


  • PhD thesis on labor force participation, aging, income and health. Tilburg University (2006-2011)

  • M.Sc. Mathematical economics & Econometric methods (cum laude), Tilburg University (2005-2006)

  • B.Sc. Econometrics and Operations Research (cum laude), Tilburg University (2001-2005)


  • Assistant Professor

Other positions

  • Board member Nederlands instituut voor Sociale Zekerheid (2008-)

Research grants

Netspar topicality grant 'Pension reforms and the financial well-being of Dutch elderly households' (2011)

Netspar topicality grant 'Pensioeninkomens, consumptiebehoeften en ouderenzorg' (2013)

Netspar medium vision grant 'Pension savings and consumption needs of current and future retirees' (2013)


M. Knoef, J. Been, R. Alessie, K. Caminada, K. Goudswaard and A. Kalwij (2014), ‘Measuring retirement savings adequacy: developing a multi-pillar approach in the Netherlands’, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, pp. 1-35 (first published on line: 7 Nov 2014 DOI:10.1017/S1474747214000341).

M.G. Knoef and J. de Bresser, 'Can the Dutch meet their own retirement expenditure goals?', Netspar Discussion papers, 10/2014-046.

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M.G. Knoef, R.J.M. Alessie and A.S. Kalwij (2013), 'Changes in the income distribution of the Dutch elderly between 1989-2020: a dynamic microsimulation’, Review of Income and Wealth, 59(3), September 2013, pp. 460-485.

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R. Euwals, M.G. Knoef en D. van Vuuren, The Trend in Female Labour Force Participation. What to Expect for the Future? Empirical Economics, 2011, 40 (3), 729-753.

Working papers

M.G. Knoef and J.C. van Ours (2014), How to Stimulate Single Mothers on Welfare to Find a Job: Evidence from a Natural Experiment, CentER Discussion Paper Series No. 2014-030.

M. Browning, Ian Crawford and Marike Knoef (2012), 'The Age-period-cohort Problem: set identification and point identification', Cemmap working paper CWP02/12.

M.G. Knoef (with Peter Kooreman), The effects of cooperation; A structural model of siblings, caregiving interactions Netspar discussion paper 05/2011-046.

M.G. Knoef (with Adriaan Kalwij and Rob Alessie),
Pathways to retirement, income and cause specific mortality risks in the Netherlands Netspar discussion paper 08/2010-033.  

M.G. Knoef (with Adriaan Kalwij and Rob Alessie),
The Association between Individual Income and Remaining Life Expectancy at the Age of 65 in the Netherlands Netspar discussion paper 09/2009-033. 

M.G. Knoef (with Rob Alessie and Adriaan Kalwij), Changes in the income distribution of the Dutch elderly between 1989 and 2020: a microsimulation Netspar discussion paper 09/2009-030.

Articles in Dutch

K. Caminada, K.P. Goudswaard en M.G. Knoef, 'Vermogen in Nederland gelijker verdeeld sinds negentiende eeuw', Me Judice , (pdf), 27 juni 2014.

J. Been, M. Knoef, K. Caminada en K. Goudswaard (2014), ‘Drie scenario’s voor de pensioenopbouw in Nederland’, Pensioen Magazine, 19(4), pp. 16-20.

M.G. Knoef, K.P. Goudswaard, K. Caminada en J. Been (2013), ' Pensioeninkomens in de toekomst', Economisch Statistische Berichten, 13 december 2013, pp. 734-737.

M. Wilkens, M.G. Knoef, J. Been, M. Gielen and D.J. van Vuuren (2013), 'De toekomstige inkomenspositie van AOW’ers: drie scenario’s voor 2025', CPB Achtergronddocument , 13 september 2013.

M.G. Knoef, J. Been, R.J.M. Alessie, C.L.J. Caminada, K.P. Goudswaard en A. Kalwij (2012), 'De toereikendheid van pensioeninkomens in Nederland; een meerpijlerbenadering', Essaybundel Conferentie Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid over Nieuwe perspectieven en arrangementen voor wonen, zorg en pensioenen te verschijnen.

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