The Department of Business Studies

In today’s business practice interdisciplinary thinking, international focus, management skills and solid financial knowledge are of great importance. This has not only been recognized by Dutch employers and education authorities but as well by students of Leiden University. Students want to complement their main studies like for example political sciences, history or law with knowledge of management and entrepreneurship from which they will benefit for the rest of their professional career.  

The Department of Business Studies of Leiden Law School is founded to meet this need and to provide high quality business studies education within each faculty of Leiden University. Nowadays each year more than 250 students at Leiden University combine their main studies with business related courses such as Strategic Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting and Turnaround Management. At the request of the Board of Governors of Leiden University the Department also initiated a Leadership programme for excellent students in 2010 called “Leadership 24” which has been succeeded by the Leiden Leadership Programme. Together with the Science Based Business department the Department of Business Studies is also in the process of developing an Entrepreneurship programme within Leiden University. 

Apart from providing business studies education the Department of Business Studies is also active on the area of (PhD-) research. The main emphasis lies with making the connection between business economical insights and various areas of law. One can think of the relationship with civil and fiscal law (financial accounting versus legislation concerning annual accounts, fiscal fraud legislation as well as corporate governance), with civil procedure law (moratorium and bankruptcy) and with criminal law (forensic accountancy, creative accounting and fraudulent statements).

The main research focus of the Department of Business Studies is companies in financial distress, bankruptcy and turnaround management in relation to aspects of law, business studies and accountancy. This focus also covers the problematic nature of companies in financial distress to be found in current day bankruptcy and turnaround management practice. Research is performed through an interdisciplinary approach which combines legal, economic, fiscal and technical aspects of the research topic. The two underlying research principles of the research focus on companies in financial distress, bankruptcy and turnaround management are a holistic view towards restructuring and reorganization and the need for interdisciplinarity.  

It is the aim and ambition of the Department of Business Studies to develop and implement an interdisciplinary research program within Leiden Law School in relation to companies in financial distress and turnaround management by exploring the limits of the law. Cooperation with other research schools is favored in order to allow research fellows and doctoral candidates from both Leiden Law School and elsewhere to carry out cross-border and interdisciplinary research.  

For more information concerning the Department of Business Studies please feel free to contact our International Secretary, Anthon Verweijanytime.  

Last Modified: 03-08-2011