Prof. dr. L. van den Herik

  • Professor of Public International Law
  • Editor in Chief Leiden Journal of International Law
  • The law on genocide and crimes against humanity
  • Implementation and prosecution of international criminal law at the national level
  • Corporate criminal responsibility for international crimes
  • The UN Security Council and targeted sanctions
  • International Law and counterterrorism

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 7533
Faculty / Department: Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid, Instituut voor Publiekrecht, Internationaal Publiekrecht
Office Address: Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Room number B131

Larissa van den Herik is a Professor of Public International Law and Editor in Chief of the LeidenJournal of International Law. She has previously worked at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she defended her PhD thesis on The Contribution of the Rwanda Tribunal to the Development of International Law (Martinus Nijhoff) in 2005. She was awarded the Bulthuis Van Oosternieland Prize for this academic work. In 2007, Larissa received a three-year grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research to do research on illegal trade during times of armed conflict: the responsibility of corporations and individual businessmen Dr. Van den Herik is a member of the Editorial Board of De Internationale Spectator and a commentator of the Dutch International Crimes Act (Militair Straf- en Tuchtrecht, losbladige editie, Kluwer) and annotator for the International Law in Domestic Courts Project (OUP, University of Amsterdam). She is the author of several articles and annotations in the field of public international law, international criminal law and the law on peace and security, as well as co-editor of collections of essays in the field of international criminal law (Future Perspectives on International Criminal Justice, T.M.C. Asser Press – Cambridge University Press, 2009 and Fragmentation and Diversification of International Criminal Law, in  preparation). She coordinates the Marie Curie Research Course and Top Summer School on International Criminal Law (together with Dr. Carsten Stahn).,

Selected Publications



  • Fragmentation and Diversification of International Criminal Law, in  preparation)
  • Future Perspectives on International Criminal Justice, TMC Asser Press/CUP, 2009 (co-edited with Dr. Carsten Stahn)
  • The Contribution of the Rwanda Tribunal to the Development of International Law, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2005

Book Chapters and Commentaries

  • Corporations as future subjects of the International Criminal Court: an exploration of the counterarguments and consequences, in C. Stahn and L.J. van den Herik (eds.), Future Perspectives on International Criminal Justice, The Hague: TMC Asser Press/CUP, 2009, pp. 350-368.
  • Commentary on the Dutch International Crimes Act, Militair Straf- en Tuchtrechtbundel, M.M. Dolman e.a. (eds.), Kluwer
  • The Schism between the Legal and the Social Concept of Genocide in light of the Responsibility to Protect, in The Criminal Law of Genocide: International, Comparative and Contextual Aspects, P. Kim and R. Henham (eds.), Ashgate Publishers, 2007, pp. 75-97
  • War Crimes in Rwanda? The answer of the ICTR so far (1998-2001), in K. Koufa (ed.), Thesaurus Acroasium, Volume XXXII, The New International Criminal Law: 2001 International Law Session, Athens-Thessaloniki: Sakkoulas Publications, 2003, pp. 1153-1166


  • A Quest for Jurisdiction and Appropriate Crime Definition; The Case against Mpambara before Ducth Courts, Journal of International Criminal Justice, 7-5 (2009), pp. 1117-1132.
  • Eroding the Primacy of the UN System of Collective Security: The Judgement of the European Court of Justice in the cases of Kadi and Al Barakaat, International Organizations Law Review, 5-2 (2009), pp. 329-338 (together with: N. Schrijver)
  • The Difficulties of Exercising Extraterritorial Jurisdiction: the Acquittal of a Dutch Businessman for Crimes Committed in Liberia, International Criminal Law Review 9-1 (2009), pp. 211-226.
  • The Security Council’s Targeted Sanctions Regimes: In Need of Better Protection of the Individual, Leiden Journal of International Law, 20-4 (2007), pp. 797-807 
  • Ten years later: The Rwanda Tribunal still faces legal complexities. Some comments on the vagueness of the indictment, complicity in genocide and the nexus requirement for war crimes, in 17 Leiden Journal of International Law 3 (2004), pp. 537-557 (co-author: E. van Sliedregt)
  • Het Rwanda Tribunaal: uitdagingen en verworvenheden (The Rwanda Tribunal: challenges and results) in 56 International Spectator 5 (2002), pp. 246-251  



  • De Hollandse Koopmansgeest in den vreemde: de berechting van Guus Kouwenhoven, Annotation to the Kouwenhoven Judgement of the Court of Appeal The Hague, 8 March 2008, NJCM-Bulletin (2008, forthcoming)
  •  Annotation to the Judgement of the European Court of First Instance in the Sison case, 11 July 2007, Rechtspraak Vreemdelingen 2007, Ars Aequi Libri, 468-490 

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