Prof. Kees Waaldijk in Hanoi to speak about same-sex family law

The Vietnamese Ministry of Justice is developing plans to include same-sex partners in the Law on Marriage and Family. In this context it organised a conference, where the Leiden Law School professor of Comparative Sexual Orientation Law was one of the speakers.

In Hanoi, Kees Waaldijk spoke twice at the conference "Comparative experiences in protection of LGBT rights in the family and marriage relations". First about the the international human rights standards in this field , and the next day about the various legal forms through which same-sex partners and parents are getting legal recognition in a growing number of countries of the world. During his visit he also gave advice to respresentatives of the Vietnamese LGBT movement and of the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice. The conference on 20 en 21 December 2012 was co-sponsored by the UN Development Programme. On 24 December, at UNDP, professor Waaldijk held an informal seminar for activists and law students.


If plans go ahead, Vietnam could become the first country in Asia to extend legislative recognition to lesbian and gay couples. Also in Nepal, Thailand and Taiwan such possible legislation is currently being considered. So far, marriage has been opened up to same-sex couples in Canada, South Africa, Argentina and eight European countries, and in parts of the USA, Mexico and Brazil. In fifteen European countries, and also in New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay and Brazil, partnership registration is possible for same-sex couples.


At Leiden University's Campus in The Hague, professor Waaldijk will once again be offering the optional course "Comparative Sexual Orientation Law", from 22 April until the end of May 2013. The course is open for law students and other students, from any university.

Last Modified: 15-01-2013