Research goals

Developments in the field of Immigration Law can’t be seen apart from developments in other fields of law. Generally speaking one can state that efforts undertaken by other fields of law to strengthen the juridical position of the individual also strengthened the position of the foreigner.
In current Immigration Law various reactions to this fact are noticeable.  Examples are the explicate limitations on procedural rights of foreigners and the limitation of  factual entrance to the territory meant to prevent a situation in which the foreigner has certain legal claims.
In turn, legal concepts developed in this context influence other fields of law under which European Law, International Law and Administrative Law.

The research goals of the Institute for Immigration Law are as follows:

  • to adequately and timely signal new points of law in the field of (inter)national Immigration Law;

  • to research these points of law and their implications on the constitutional state, general Administrative Law,  European- and International decision making and the legal position of the individual as a subject of International Law.

Last Modified: 22-10-2012