The Institute of Immigration Law offers students interested in Migration Law various opportunities to deepen their knowledge.

Bachelor in Law, Master & LLC students

While studying towards a Bachelor in Law students who are interested in Migration Law have the opportunity to participate in the optional courses Dutch Immigration Law (taught in Dutch) and European Migration Law (taught in English). The course European Migration Law is also part of the LLC-programme (Leiden Law Courses) for foreign students.  Open to Bachelor-students from all faculties is the course Immigration, integration and discrimination (taught in Dutch).
Courses in Masters are provided as well. Within the Master Jeugdrecht (Child Law) the Institute offers the course Child & Migration (taught in Dutch), and in the Master European Studies (Faculty of Humanities) Migration Law and Policy in Europe (taught in English) is offered by us. 

More information on the course European Migration Law can be found in the e-prospectus of the University.

Contract students

Courses taught by the Institute at the Leiden Law School are open to contract students. For more information please contact the Juridisch PAO.

Last Modified: 06-08-2013