Research International Institue of Air & Space Law

The Leiden Law School of Leiden University, founded in 1575, has a long research tradition in air law and, of more recent vintage, in space law. The current Faculty research programme relevant to these areas is ‘Securing the rule of law in a world of multilevel jurisdiction’.

Air law research

Traditionally, air law research is based upon analysing the Chicago Convention, bilateral air agreements, and international aviation conventions in the field of safety, security and liability.

Space law research

Originally, space law was part of, and based upon, international public law. States played an exclusive role in the development of space activities and space law, which is evidenced by United Nations Treaties and resolutions on outer space.

Collection Public Law

The Public Law collection contains the following fields of study: European law (including EDC), Immigration law, Health law, Public International law (including Depot UN), Air and Space law (see International Institute of Air and Space Law), Social law (including Social insurance), Constitutional law and Administrative law.