Case law discussed during staff meetings

The Europa Instituut staff hold regular meetings to discuss recent case law. The cases dealt with are listed below. The PDF-file for each meeting summarizes the discussions.

2 November 2011

I. Enforcement/Judicial protection:
The 'direct concern' and 'lack of implementing measures' criteria for admissibility:
1. Case T-262/10 Microban v Commission 25 October 2011

International jurisdiction and applicable law:
2. Joined cases C-509/09 and C-161/10 EDate Advertising v Martinez and others 25 October 2010 (Grand Chamber)

II. Intellectual property – the use of human embryos for industrial and commercial purposes:
Case C-34/10 Oliver Brüstle v Greenpeace 18 October 2011)(Grand Chamber)

III. Competition law – infringement of procedural rights:
Case C-110/10P Solvay SA v Commission 25 October 2011 (Grand Chamber)

IV. Enforcement/Judicial protection
1. Annulment procedure- Standing of non-privileged applicants under Art. 263 TFEU - 'Direct concern' and 'lack of implementing measures' criteria for admissibility
Case T-262/10 Microban v European Commission, judgment of the General Court 25 October 2011

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27 September 2011

I.     Constitutional law – bilateral investment treaty:
Case C 264/09 Commission v Slovak Republic 15 September 2011

II.     Social law –  non-discrimination – civil servants:
Case C-177/10 Rosado Santana 8 September 2011

III.     Procedural guarantees – refugee status:
Case C-69/10 Brahim Samba Diouf v. Ministre du Travail, de l'Emploi et de l'Immigration 28 July 2011

IV.     Enforcement/Judicial protection:

  1. Case T-18/10 Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami e.a. v European Parliament and Council 6 September 2011
  2. Ullens de Schoot and Rezabek v. Belgium (appl. nos. 3989/07 and 38353/07), ECtHR 20 September 2011

V.     Competition law – the disclosure of documents submitted under a national leniency program:
Case C-360/09 Pfleiderer v Commission 14 June 2011 (Grand Chamber)

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8 June 2010

I. EU competences – environmental policy :
Case C-246/07 Commission v Sweden , judgment of 20 April 2010 (Grand Chamber)

II. Freedom of establishment - pharmacies:
Joined Cases C-570/07 and C-571/07, Blanco Pérez, Chao Gómez v. Consejería de Salud y Servicios Sanitarios ( C-570/07), Principado de Asturias (C-571/07) , Judgment of 1 June 2010 (Grand Chamber)

III. Free movement of services – restrictions on provision of online gambling services in the Netherlands:
Case C-203/08 Sporting Exchange v. Minster van Justitie on the Dutch licensing system for provision of online gambling services, judgment of 3 June 2010

IV. Combating terrorism – freezing of funds :
Case C-340/08 M and Others, judgment of 29 April 2010

V. External Relations, Turkey Association Agreement :
Case C-92/07 Commission v the Netherlands , judgment of 29 April 2010 

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23 March 2010

I. Constitutional law - nationality of an EU Member State and EU citizenship: Case C-135/08 Janko Rottmann v Freistaat Bayern, judgment of 2 March 2010 (Grand Chamber)

II. Free movement of persons - residence rights of family members:

a) Case C-480/08 Maria Teixeira v London Borough of Lambeth, Sectretary of State for the Home Department, judgment of 23 February 2010 (Grand Chamber)

b) Case C-310/08 London Borough of Harrow v Nimco Hassan Ibrahim, Secretary of State for the Home Department, judgment of 23 February 2010 (Grand Chamber)

III. Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

1. Family reunification: Case C-578/08 Rhimou Chakroun v Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, judgment of 4 March 2010

2. Refugee status, subsidiary protection status: Case C-175/08 Aydin Salahadin Abdulla v Germany, Case C-176/08 Kamil Hasan v Germany , Case C-178/08 Ahmed Adem v Germany, Hamrin Mosa Rashi v Germany, Case C-179/08 Dler Jamal v Germany, judgments of 2 March 2010

IV. Data protection – independence of supervisory authorities: Case C-518/07 Commission v Germany, judgment of 9 March 2010 (Grand Chamber)

V. External relations

1. EU-Israel Association Agreement – EU-PLO Association Agreement - scope: Case C-386/08 Brita GmbH v Hauptzollamt Hamburg-Hafen, judgment of 25 February 2010

2. EU-Swiss bilateral law – limits to free movement: Case C-541/08 Fokus Invest AG v Finanzierungsberatung-Immobilientreuhand und Anlageberatung GmbH (FIAG), judgment of 11 February 2010


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2 February 2010

  1. Free movement of services – posting of workers – standstill clause in an Act of Accession: Case C-546/07 Commission v Germany of 21 January 2010

  2. Employment law - principle of non-discrimination on grounds of age: Case C-555/07 Seda Kücükdeveci v Swedex GmbH & Co. KG , judgment of 19 January 2010 (Grand Chamber)

  3. Consumer protection – degree of harmonization of in relation to unfair commercial practices: Case C-304/08, Zentrale zur Bekämpfung unlauteren Wettbewerbs eV v. Plus Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH , judgment of 14 January 2010 

  4. Judicial cooperation in civil matters - wrongful removal of a child: Case C-403/09 PPU Jasna Deti č ek v Maurizio Sgueglia , judgment of 23 December 2009 

  5. The area of freedom, security and justice – third-country nationals under the “Return Directive” (Directive 2008/115/EC): Case C-357/09 PPU Said Shamilovich Kadzoev (Huchbarov) , judgment of 30 November 2009 (Grand Chamber)

  6. Action for damages - jurisdiction of the ECJ for a preliminary ruling: Case C-118/08 Transportes Urbanos y Servicios Generales SAL v Administración del Estado , judgment of 26 January 2010 (Grand Chamber)

  7. Infringement procedure - justifications - duty-free imports of military equipment: Case C-284/05 Commission v Finland, Case C-294/05 Commission v Sweden, Case C-372/05 Commission v Germany, Case C-387/05 Commission v Italy, Case C-409/05 Commission v Greece, Case C-461/05 Commission v Denmark, Case C-239/06 Commission v Italy , judgments of 15 December 2009 (Grand Chamber)

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28 October and 24 November 2009

  1. EU citizenship, discrimination on grounds of nationality – benefit for a person with a disability: Case C-103/08 Arthur Gottwald v. Bezirkshauptmannschaft Bregenz , judgment of 1 October 2009

  2. Equal treatment - parental leave and severance payment:Case C-116/08 Christel Meerts v Prooost NV , judgment of 22 October 2009 

  3. Equal treatment - air passengers’ rights: Joined cases C-402/07 and C-432/07 Sturgeons v Condor Flugdienst GmbH, and Böck and Lepuschitz v Air France SA , judgment of 19 November 2009 (Grand Chamber) 

  4. Equal Treatment in the third pillar: Case C-123/08 Dominic Wolzenburg , judgment of 6 October 2009 (Grand Chamber) 

  5. Free movement of capital – housing policy: Case C-567/07 Minister voor Wonen, Wijken en Integratie v Woonstichting Sint Servatius, judgment of 1 October 2009 (Grand Chamber) 

  6. External relations – rights of children of Turkish migrant workers: Case C-462/08 Ümit Bekleyen v Land Berlin , judgment of 29 October 2009 

  7. Combating terrorism – freezing of funds: Case T-341/07 Jose Maria Sison v Council , judgment of 30 September 2009 

  8. EU Staff Regulations - recognition of non-marital partnerships: Case T-58/08 Commission v Anton Pieter Roodhuijzen , judgment of 5 October 2009

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22 September 2009

  1. Combining (conflicting) legal bases: Case C-411/06 Commission v. Parliament and Council on annulment of Regulation 1013/2006 on the shipment of waste, judgment of 8 September 2009 (Grand Chamber).

  2. Terrorist Listing: Joined cases T-37/07 and T-323/07 Morabit v. Council, judgment of 2 September 2009 (second chamber judgment of the Court of First Instance).

  3. Reasonable period for judgment by CFI: Case C-385/07 P Der Grüne Punkt v. Commission , judgment of 16 July 2009 (Grand Chamber).

  4. Gambling, freedom to provide services: Case 42/07 Santa Casa , judgment of 8 September 2009 (Grand Chamber).

    V. Devolution and discretionary space of sub-national units in implementing EC law and discrimination: Case C-428/07 Horvath , judgment of 16 July 2009 (Grand Chamber).

  5. Rights of Turkish nationals: Case C-133/06 Minister voor Vreemdelingenzaken en Integratie v. T. Sahin , judgment of 17 September 2009 (First Chamber). VII. Flight tax exemption as state aid?: Supreme Court of the Netherlands on the “Flight tax”, judgment of 4 October 2009.

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