Professor Voermans lectures at OECD-Korean Smart Regulation congress in Paris

Lately South Korea has been pursuing an economic policy in which economic growth is linked to sustainability, environmental responsibility and innovation, referred to under the evocative title ‘Green Growth’.

Much of this policy is formulated under a new type of legislation: ‘smart regulation’. The Korean approach is also of interest to the European Union which has drawn up an agenda for 2020 with the emphasis on sustainable growth. This has also been developed under ‘smart regulation’. 

At the congress in Paris on 30 November, organized by OESO, the Korean Legislation Institute, and the University Paul Cézanne of Aix en Provence, South Korea and the EU compared  experiences, the title being ‘Challenges and Opportunities for the Future: European and Korean Perspectives on Sustainable Growth and Smart Regulation’. Wim Voermans kicked off the day by providing an impression of the current EU policies concerning the quality of its legislation, paying particular attention to ‘smart regulation’. This congress is a first initiative for countries to share their experiences in searching for the balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability, and the corresponding type of regulation.

Last Modified: 06-12-2011