Prof. Dr W.H. van Boom

  • professor of private law
  • private law

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 3538
Faculty / Department: Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid, Instituut voor Privaatrecht, Civiel recht
Office Address: Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Room number C.213


Van Boom studied law at the University of Amsterdam (LLB, LLM 1992). Upon defending his PhD on joint and several liability, he acquired a doctorate in law at Tilburg University (1999).

Key publications

Recent key publications include:

  • W.H. van Boom, I. Giesen, A.J. Verheij (eds.), Capita Civilologie – Handboek Empirie en Privaatrecht, Den Haag: BJU 2013
  • W.H. van Boom, Empirisch privaatrecht: enige beschouwingen over de rol van empirisch onderzoek in de hedendaagse privaatrechtswetenschap, Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht (TPR), 2013-1, p. 7-84
  • Jenny Steele and Willem H. van Boom (eds.), Mass Justice - Challenges of Representation and Distribution, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 2011
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Van Boom’s research and teaching covers private law broadly defined but also extends into comparative law as well as methodology and philosophy of private law. He has a keen interest in multidisciplinary legal research on ‘what works’ in private law; that is why he regularly works with experts in law and economics, psychology, socio-legal studies and jurisprudence.

Courses within institution associated with

Private law

Ancillary positions + organisation

  • Board member of the Foundation for Quality Assessment of the Dutch Insurance Industry (2010-present)
  • Chairman of the Coordinating Committee Self-Regulation of the Social and Economic Council of the  Netherlands (2011-present)
  • independent member of the Consumer Affairs Committee of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands

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