Department of Moot Court and Advocacy

Deparmtent of Moot Court and Advocacy: In the Department compulsory courses are given for Dutch students. For the English students Moot Court Public International Law is given fall each year. Moot Court LLC Public International Law is a subject given in Englisch for students abroad as well as for Dutch students.

Moot Court LLC Public International Law - The idea behind the Moot Court course

The idea behind the Moot Court course (fall each year) is that lawyers should be able to present a case, in a clear and convincing way, with good arguments and to refute, also clearly and convincingly with good arguments, the case presented by the opposite party. For this purpose the Moot Court course was designed as a combination of tutorials and mooting. The practical training in the course is threefold: library training (CD-ROM et cetera), writing papers and presenting a case orally. The cases presented in the course concern the subject of Public International law, including the law of international organisations, and European law. Whilst on the one hand students get a practical training, amongst others in public speaking and rhetoric, on the other they are required to do some thorough research on the specific case allotted to them.

Course Information

The course consists of an introduction in 2 lectures, 5 tutorials (four-to-one and one-to-one basis), 5 video training sessions (four-to-one basis), 3 papers (amounting to 10 pages) and an oral presentation (pleading) before a court of 3 judges (2 practicing judges/attorneys, 1 Faculty member). The pleadings are followed by a short reaction by both parties (rebuttal and surrebuttal). Pleading-sessions are open to the (student)public. Attending all Moot Court activities is compulsory.


There are four tutorials. Tutorial 1 and 4 are plenary sessions. Tutorial 2 will be a meeting with two students discussing the lists of afguments, both the applicant and respondent side of the case. Tutorial 3 consists of an individual meeting with the lecturer, discussing the writing assignments on a one-to-one basis. Further instrucitons and examples of the assignments are included in the reader.

Video training sessions

In five video trainings sessions, the video coach gives instructions how to present a case. For each training, an assignment has to be prepared. Instructions are included in the reader.

Pleading sessions

The Moot Court course LLC concludes with a public pleading session. The case has to be presented in moot court, before three judges, of whom two are practicing judges of attorneys and one a staff member of the Faculty of Law.


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