Governance & VVI explore further collaboration with Universitas Gadja Mada

Leiden University has recently developed a strategy for advancing cooperation with Indonesian universities in various study fields and types of activities. One of the priority fields is Law and Governance.

In order to explore opportunities for fruitful cooperation in this combined field, staff members Maarja Beerkens and Toon Kerkhoff of the Institute of Public Administration and Laura Lancée and Willem van der Muur of the Van Vollenhoven Institute of the Law Faculty visited the Indonesian University Universitas Gadja Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta from 2 to 5 November. UGM is one of Indonesia’s two main Universities (in student numbers and academic quality) and is one of the frontrunners and central academic hubs of South-East Asia.

During the visit, talks were held with the dean of the Social science faculty, department heads and academics to discuss content and modalities for future cooperation, both in terms of research and teaching. For the Law Faculty this visit gave an opportunity to (re)connect with researchers in constitutional law and administrative law, where many matching interests were identified, in the field of land law and land conflicts, but also in issues of harmonizing and coordinating the decentralization process.

For the Governance field, more in particular Public Administration the visit proved that work carried out by UGM and Leiden scholars shows similarity and offers many leads for joint research and publications, for example in the areas of  government reform, anti-corruption efforts, as well as evidence-based policy making and performance management.  Possibilities for student exchange also seem promising. Under the preliminary title of ‘multilevel governance’ further steps and details for law and governance  cooperation will be explored in the coming months.

Last Modified: 03-12-2015