Research questions

Please download the research questionnaire here.

The overall research question at the expert meeting is: how is the allocation of limited authorisations and grants regulated and implemented in the European Member States?

In order to inform and structure the discussion at the expert meeting a questionnaire with more specific research questions has been prepared. Participants to the meeting are kindly requested to prepare their oral contribution to the meeting on the basis of this questionnaire. Contributors to the book that will be published after the meeting are also requested to provide a contribution based on the questionnaire.

The questionnaire is divided into six parts. The last four parts correspond to the various workshops that will be held at the expert meeting.

I. Preconditions and definitions
II. General questions on limited authorisations and grants
III. Questions on allocation systems and transparency
IV. Questions on competition law aspects (e.g. State aid)
V. Questions on legal protection
VI. Specific questions on gambling licenses, CO2 emission permits and radiofrequencies

The purpose of the questions to national experts is threefold:

  • to provide a basis for a comparative assessment of how member states have regulated and implemented the (re)allocation of limited authorisations and grants, taking into account the influences of European and international law;

  • to identify best practices conducive to the (re)allocation of limited authorisations and grants and to identify problems which may need to be addressed;

  • to help in finding common elements of a general legal doctrine on the subject.


When preparing their contribution to the meeting, or to the subsequent book:

  • experts are requested to apply the questions, as far as possible, to their national laws and practices governing the (re)allocation of limited authorisations and grants. They may take into account possible influences of European and international law in the member states.

  • experts are free to deal with the parts of the questionnaire and the related questions that are relevant to their experience or topic. We would appreciate it if you could refer in your contribution to the specific questions of this questionnaire that have been dealt with.

  • experts may, if necessary, adapt or add to the questions in order to give a better picture of the situation in their country.

  • experts are also strongly encouraged to present their own views, and those of national academics, on the legal developments identified in the questionnaire and to report on other issues, not referred to in the questionnaire, which they consider relevant. 

Last Modified: 14-12-2011