The LEGSA researchers frequently publish in diverse legal magazines about developments in the field of State aid.

Below you will find a small impression of some publications. For a more complete overview of all publications, please visit the pages of the researchers involved.

F.A. Engelen, 'Over belastingen, fundamentele vrijheden en steunmaatregelen', 2010 (73), p. 1-2.

A.J. Metselaar & P.C. Adriaanse, 'Nut en noodzaak van het Wetsvoorstel terugvordering staatssteun', 2011, p. 57-63.

P.J. Slot, 'The general block exemption for State Aid'. In: J. Basedow & W. Wurmnest (Eds.), Structure , Kluwer Law International 2011, p. 193-205.

Last Modified: 20-06-2013