Journals of the Leiden Law School

The Leiden Law School publishes a number of important law journals: Leiden Journal of International Law (LJIL), Common Market Law Review, and the Review of Central and East European Law.

Leiden Journal of International Law (LJIL)

Firmly established as one of Europe's leading journals in the field, the Leiden Journal of International Law (LJIL) provides a forum for two vital areas, namely international legal theory and international dispute settlement. It is unique in providing the most comprehensive coverage of the world's most important international tribunals in The Hague (such as the ICJ, ICTY, ICC and others) and elsewhere, as well as examining new trends in international legal thinking. The Leiden Journal is essential reading for academics and practitioners who need to stay abreast of recent developments in these areas.

Common Market Law Review

The Common Market Law Review, published by the Europa Institute since 1963 in co-operation with the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, was the first journal of its kind. It has a very high reputation and has become the market leader in the area of European Union Law. As one of the few journals in this field, it is included in the Social Sciences Citation Index, which represents a collection of the world’s leading scholarly social sciences journals.

European Company Law

The increase in cross-border corporate activity, together with the continuing expansion of the European Union, has meant that developments in European company and securities law continue to pose a challenge to law firms and corporations. The journal European Company Law (ECL) gives an overview of current developments in this dynamic and rapidly-changing area of law practice.

This legal periodical is published under the aegis of the Centre of European Company Law, established in 2004 as an academic partnership between the Dutch universities of Leiden, Utrecht and Maastricht. The journal appears in six issues per year. ECL aims to be particularly interesting for practicing lawyers in the field of European company law. It has been designed to be the ideal working tool for all corporate lawyers with a European practice.

Last Modified: 04-06-2015