Many instructors will use Blackboard for their courses.

Blackboard is the digital learning environment at Leiden University. You will mainly use it after your arrival in the Netherlands, but you can already access it using your login details which you will receive by e-mail. Via Blackboard, students have online access to supporting course information and course materials placed in the Blackboard modules (‘courses’) by teachers (‘instructors’). Blackboard further enables the exchange of messages and documents between teachers and students, and among students themselves.  

Blackboard instructions


If you still have unanswered questions after reading the instructions, you can contact the Blackboard helpdesk. This is done through the use of a form. Once you have filled in the form, a response will be sent to the provided email address within two working days.

The helpdesk webpage is in Dutch. Required entry fields are: First name, Last name, ULCN-account name, email address and lastly your question. Once you have filled these things in, select the 'verstuur vraag' (send question) option to submit your question.

Please note: the helpdesk will only process questions regarding the use of Blackboard. If you are having problems logging into Blackboard with your ULCN-account, please contact the OIC. They can help you with any ULCN-account problems (identification required).

Last Modified: 21-07-2015