Apply for graduation and de-registration

Apply for graduation

As soon as you have concluded all your courses and thesis and all your grades are published in uSis, you will need to apply for graduation at the desk of the Onderwijs Informatie Centrum. You will not be able to graduate without your official request. Furthermore, you need to be registered as a student and have paid all your fees in the month that you apply for graduation. Beware: if you forget to apply for graduation in August, you will have to be registered and pay tuition fee for the next academic year.

Graduation date

Your graduation date is different from the date of the graduation ceremony. Your graduation date is set by the Onderwijs Informatie Centrum and depends on the date you hand in your application form.

For example: you apply for graduation at the desk of the OIC on 10 October, your graduation date will be 31 October and the ceremony will take place in November (last Thursday of each month).

Graduation ceremony

If you wish to attend a ceremony, you will need to hand in your application form at the desk of the OIC. Please bring a valid passport with you. The OIC will do a final check and will send the invitation letter for the graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremonies for the Master of Laws are held on the last Thursday of each month, except for July.


Please do not forget to de-register yourself. For most programmes, cancellations or changes of registration must be done through Studielink. Log in under ‘My enrolment’, go to ‘Application for termination of enrolment’ and select 'Termination of registration' or 'Change of registration'.

For more information, please visit: Student registration and de-registration

Last Modified: 01-09-2014