Leiden Law School is launching an application called uSis Student

On Monday 5 September Leiden Law School of Leiden University will launch a new lay-out version of uSis. This application will be known as uSis Student. It can be accessed via https://webapp.usis.leidenuniv.nl.

uSis Student is a dashboard simplified version of the regular uSis. It will contain your bachelor and master enrollments, your grades, classes you have applied for and also your personal educational schedule in a day-to-day mode and a weekly view. uSis Student will only display the most essential information right at your fingertips.

The key improvements and goals of uSis Student are

• Speed efficiency, getting things done even quicker!
• Reduce the number of mouse clicks and actions the student needs to take
• Makes the system more user-friendly with focus on ‘’simplicity’’

However, uSis Student is still in its trial phase!

• uSis Student is only available to Law and Criminology students of Leiden Law School
• We need your user experience and suggestions to make improvements  and make uSis Student a truly student-friendly platform Once this is achieved uSis Student will be made available to all Leiden University students.
• During this period uSis Student will be intensively monitored to see how it copes with a large influx of student users.

Should any problems arise, regular uSis will also be available. Should you experience any IT problems, please contact the ISSC. Should you encounter any educational problems please contact the Educational Information Centre.

uSis Student suggestions or improvements can be mailed to info@law.leidenuniv.nl

Last Modified: 05-09-2016