Exchange and study abroad programme

Welcome and Orientation

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to Leiden Law School! We are happy that you will be joining us in Leiden! As a new student at Leiden Law school, you are bound to have questions.

Intake Leiden Law School Exchange students

Intake Leiden Law School Exchange students In the first few weeks of your arrival you will be busy discovering the city and the university. It might be that you have some questions about your schedule for example and/or forms to sign for your home university. For this reason we have set up a so-called intake/Meet&Greet appointments.   So if you are a visiting student from one of the partners of Leiden Law School you need to sign up for these appointments.  

Where will my courses take place?

Leiden Law School is located in two beautifully renovated national monuments in the historic heart of Leiden. The Law School also has teaching and research facilities at its campus in The Hague.

Academic Calendar 2015 -2016

The Leiden Law School academic year is divided into two semesters (and each semester is divided into 2 blocks). The 2015-2016 academic year is scheduled as follows: