Alumni are key to the success of the Leiden Law School

Dean Rick Lawson explains why alumni are so important for the law school.

The word "alumnus" is derived from the Latin word "alere", "to nourish", and means "nursling" or "pupil". "Alumni", the plural form of "alumnus", literally means "the nurtured ones". Our former students have in fact been 'nurtured' by Leiden, and for many of our teachers and staff they are indeed our 'children', and we are always curious to find out where our alumni are and how they are faring.

Our alumni are the mirror of our institution. They form a fundamental link to the outside world, and show us how and whether the practices and programmes of the Law School are an accurate reflection of what is happening in the (international) legal arena.

Alumni are incredibly important for the image and reputation of our Law School, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Happy alumni are our best ambassadors, and a continuing asset to the reputation of our Law School, through the experiences and successes they have in their careers and personal lives.

We would love to stay in contact with you, wherever you are, and hope that our international activities and contacts with international (partner) institutions will allow our paths to cross from time to time. Stay in touch!

Professor Rick Lawson
Dean, Leiden Law School

Last Modified: 08-11-2011