Leiden Law School gets more than a new Alumni Officer

Guus Schaepman has been appointed External Relations Officer at Leiden Law School. In this role, he will not only maintain contacts with our alumni but also establish contacts between the faculty and private and public sectors and initiate new fundraising opportunities.

Successor to Marrik Bellen

Guus will be taking over the tasks previously performed by Marrik Bellen at our faculty. Since summer 2015 Marrik is the new Director of the KITLV in Jakarta. In view of the rapid developments in alumni policy and reductions in government funding, the university has major plans for its future relations with alumni and business partners. It is increasingly important to demonstrate the relevance of our activities for society and alumni can play a significant role in this.   

Alumnus, student and university

Guus will focus primarily on the connection of an alumnus to his or her old university town, the university and the study programme.  The alumnus can show which part was valued most:  the study programme, the university or the social life.  

Since last summer Leiden University Fund (LUF) and the university have been working together closely. The alumni database has been made available and a new central CRM system (Customer Relations Management) has become operational. The faculty can now consult this database, adding or supplementing data.    

Besides this, it is important to involve our current students. We notice that students are increasingly in need of more contact with alumni. The ‘voice of wisdom’ can help them shape their future. The Coach Cafés and alumni mentor network DWILLO are good ways to accomplish this, but Guus is also going to look at better cooperation between the study societies and student associations. The faculty has a multitude of societies and associations that are active in maintaining contacts with former students. In the case of the society for International Law Volkenrechtelijk Dispuut  prof. mr. B.M. Telders, for example, students remain members for life. It would be a great pity not to join forces with such organisations.  

More than just an Alumni Officer

Besides alumni policy, Guus will focus on faculty contacts with private and public sectors. The government believes that It is increasingly important for universities to be independent and that by establishing partnerships with other parties in society  they can demonstrate the relevance of their activities. This can lead to new ways to acquire funds such as crowdfunding. This year we had tremendous success with this method to fund our new Moot Courtroom. We want to look at how we can apply this method of fundraising in a correct and sound manner, with the guarantee of course of independence in our research and teaching.   

Last Modified: 21-04-2016