Library services for Leiden University alumni

Leiden University alumni and PhD graduates can continue to use Leiden University Libraries' facilities free of charge.


A Leiden University Libraries (UBL) membership and LU-Card allow Leiden University alumni and PhD graduates the use of various library facilities free of charge.

After graduation, your student's account will automatically be changed into an alumni account. You can continue to use the same log-on data, LU-Card, and uMail address. If you do not own a LU-Card yet you can request one either online or in person at Plexus or at the University Library's LU-Card desk.

Alumni graduated before september 2006 can have a library membership and LU-Card made at one of the UBL locations. In addition to a valid means of ID we ask you to provide evidence of your graduation at Leiden University.

Accessing databases

All databases provided by the UBL may be accessed from within the University network. Via Leiden Alumni Databases alumni may now access the following databases from home:

  • Academic Search Alumni Edition
  • Art Index (H.W. Wilson)
  • Criminal Justice Abstracts
  • Library Literature & Information Science Index (H.W. Wilson)
  • JSTOR collections: Arts & Sciences I, II, III and VII and Early Journal Content

How to find Open Access Publications.

Friends of Leiden University Libraries

We would like to invite you as an alumnus or PhD to become a member of the Stichting Vrienden van de Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden (Friends of Leiden University Libraries). Friends contribute to the preservation, expansion, restauration and maintenance of the collections. As a friend of Leiden University Libraries you will receive invitations for lectures, themed activities and exhibition openings, and you will be kept updated on developments at the libraries.

Last Modified: 21-12-2016