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The university’s tradition in law dates back to the time of Hugo Grotius. Often referred to as the ‘Mozart of International Law’, Grotius started his studies at Leiden University in 1594 at the age of 11.

Leiden Law School is located in two beautifully renovated national monuments in the historic heart of Leiden. The Law School also has teaching and research facilities at its campus in The Hague: The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, thus allowing a unique collaboration with The Hague’s international legal institutions.

Throughout its history Leiden Law School has continuously managed to maintain its reputation for excellence by combining a high level of academic teaching with acclaimed and innovative research. The Law School has an eminent reputation in the training of lawyers and diplomats. Our alumni include members of the Dutch Supreme Court and several international courts, the former Secretary General of NATO, prominent lawyers in the Netherlands and the USA, and chief executives of multinational companies.


Leiden Law School offers a varied choice of courses and programmes for international students, whether you are an exchange student, a degree seeking student or looking for a specialised advanced studies programme. We receive yearly more than 400 international students. Become part of our international community! 

The School has a full-time teaching staff of approximately 300 (ca. 87 professors) and enjoys an undisputed international reputation in a great number of fields.

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Research at Leiden Law School means research at the highest level. The most recent independent research assessment rated Law School with an overall grade of 4.5 (on a scale of 1 to 5) for both the research institute and the research programmes. The assessment was based on such criteria as relevance, productivity, originality, content depth and international orientation. In fact our research programme, in International Law was even awarded the highest score (5). Leiden Law School has eight broad research programmes and one specific ‘profile area’: Interaction between legal systems. It aims to understand the complex interaction between the various levels of jurisdiction and to solve the resulting problems and questions. 

The Law School also publishes a number of highly regarded law journals, amongst which The Common Market Law Review and  The Leiden Journal of International Law.

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International Cooperation

Leiden Law School is a truly internationally oriented law school. Our staff and student exchange agreements with more than 50 universities around the world, and our numerous international cooperation activities attest to this fact.. The Law School is also a member of several international networks such as Sarfal, the LERU and the Coimbra Group.

Global Lounge

With the Global Lounge, Leiden Law School shows its commitment to internationalisation. This lounge is intended as a meeting place for both our international and national students and staff. It will serve as a dedicated space for various events related to internationalisation as well as offering the facilities to watch the news from all over the world, play a game of table football and chat amongst friends in an internationally orientated environment. The Global Lounge is located next to the Juridisch Cafe (in the Kamerlingh Onnes Building). Opening hours: Mon - Thu 08:30 -21:00, on Fridays until 19:00 hrs).


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